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Wayne "Terry" Parker

Dallas Texas Area Drum Teacher / Instructor

Drum and Percussion Lessons, Coaching, Teacher, Repairs since 1980

Beginner to Intermediate Drum and Percussion Lessons, Drum Percussion Repair
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First of all:

I want to Thank my Family, Friends, Associates and Fellow Entertainers for their Past and Continued Support of my Entertainment and Business Ventures throughout the years.

I have been an Entertainer since the age of 2. Being a 3rd Generation Entertainer in my Family and Encouraged by my Parents, I started out with Native American Indian Dance. Over the years I have Won Many Awards for Fancy Dance, Hoop Dance, Straight Dance and more. I grew up being a part of a dance team directed by my father, in which was one of my many influences that I learned from to be able to Create Magical Performances Like No Other. My father is an amazing director and writer, along with my mother and grandparents are my greatest entertainment influences. 

In Short:
  • Born into Native American Dancing, I have been Entertaining and Winning Competitions since age 2.
  • Professionally Booking and Performing Music Shows for well over 30 Years.
  • Since early childhood, I have been performing magic, played guitar, violin, and piano and started playing Drums and Percussion in School Band summer of 1976.
  • Highly Experienced Drum/ Percussion Instructor.
  • Television Appearances with both Magic and Music Performances!
  • Received classes in Music, Magic, Theater and Speech, enhancing what I do today.
  • You get a Lifetime of All Forms of Entertainment from me.
  • I am Well Equipped to Entertain for nearly Any Event.
  • All that have seen me perform any of my Many Talents over the years have Spoken Highly of my Stage Presence, Leadership Qualities and my Attention to Detail.
  • A Team Player, Never to Forget the People on Stage with me and Especially the Audience!

“My favorite part of being a performer is the wonderful and unique people that I have met and performed for, and with, throughout my life, and I Thank You All for Being You”. Wizard Wayne “Terry” Parker


I am a Third Generation Musician from my  Mothers Family. My Grandparents on my Mother’s side Played and Sang Music All over the Country, bringing their own style of Country and Gospel music and won the hearts of all who heard and saw them perform live on stage and on their radio broadcasts. My Grandfather gave Buddy Holly his first guitar, sold him the next and gave the young Buddy a few lessons as well. My grandmother stated that one of the guitars is in the Buddy Holly Museum today. My Mother also sang with our Family, Friends and several Bands throughout the years and brought smiles to everyone’s hearts and ears. I enjoyed Playing Drums with my Mother on Stage and also on her Studio Recordings.

After I was born, I hit the ground running with my immediate love both for my family’s magical talent, musical talent and the Native American Indian Drum, Dance and Pow Wows. At the age of three, I was given my First Guitar which I learned to play and sing right away. I gave my first music performance at kindergarten because I wanted to sing a song for a girl I liked in class. I also enjoyed playing with my family at get-togethers and playing with friends. I also learned some Piano and Violin and performed in the All City Orchestra for some time. Over the years, my Family and I Danced at Many Native American Indian Pow-Wows across this great country. I enjoyed Dancing with my Parents and seeing my Father also Sing and Play the Native American Indian Drum. I was able to sit in with the many great drummers at many Pow-Wows and eventually, for me, one drum would become many.

Influenced by recordings of Many Great Drummers and Percussionists of the last several decades, I switched from Guitar to Drums and Percussion at the approximate age of Ten. Throughout my junior high and high school years, I played in School Band and my own Rock Band. I was also hired to play in miscellaneous Country, Jazz and Polka bands in the next several years to come. By the time I was in my Junior Year of High School, I was Instructing Drums and Percussion and helped many up and coming drummers achieve their goals. I named my Drum and Percussion business Stix-n-Stones Drum and Percussion Studio. See Over the years, I have performed a variety of shows and recorded with many great bands of many genera’s from Jazz, Blues, Polka, Zydeco, Christian, Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Country and More! To this day, I still play with some of the best musicians around. Since 2004 I have also been the manager for my Children’s Band -2nd Nature - in which are 4th generation musicians, with all of the families many talents wrapped up in one. See

See You Soon!
Wizard Wayne “Terry” Parker


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